Your Partner from Concept to Completion

During your time in the military, you developed specialized skills, leadership qualities, and a robust work ethic. And now that you’re transitioning to civilian life, you want to put them to use in a new career.

But by now, you may have realized this process can be harder than it seems.

The biggest challenge for many veterans is that their past military responsibilities don’t seem to align with the experience requirements described in job descriptions for open roles. It can seem like many opportunities are closed to you, even if you know you could excel if given the chance.

That’s why we wrote this book.

It’s packed with practical tips about how to structure your job search, highlight your transferrable skills, and catch the eye of hiring managers. Whether or not you choose to work in environmental services, this book is a resource you can turn to again and again.

And it’s free—a small token of thanks for your service.